Smart one-on-one interactions with zillions of customers 

We use cutting edge technology to deliver efficiency


Deeply integrated and Intuitive workflows designed to make it simple for people to complete a task

Artificial Intelligence

Tailor made brains that understand speech and text in natural language and that improve with experience.


Smart and coordinated use of channels to improve access and customer experience

Our revolutionary approach is solution focussed & way beyond deploying bots or answering FAQs

We help companies in their digital transformation, from ideation to execution

taylor made

Taylor made and deeply integrated

We work with our customers to provide delightful experiences that allow the user to actually get things done. No more pointing to the solution.

Continuous improvement

We analyze the statistics and individual interactions to learn and adjust. Furthermore, since it's a service in the cloud you are always running our latest and greatest 

Low set up cost & Win- win pricing

No need to deploy hardware or large investments. We charge a low configuration fee and our pricing is based on successful experiences.

Better Service though Empowerment


Automation means fast answers and fact resolution. No more waiting 

Great Experience

Would you really miss having to contact an agent to have something done? The best experiences happen when you don't need to contact a person.

Better access

No need too download an app. Customers interact directly through their prefered channel


Let your customers take control and perform the tasks directly from wherever they want and whenever they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am concerned about quality of service. If I have a machine answering, wouldn't that make it worse?
Not really. Statistically most people would look for a way to solve the issue before having to deal with an agent. Of course getting a machine to answer a furious customer will only make things worse. What we do is prevent or reduce the situations in which a customer needs to call you. Ask yourself: Would you like to have to call the bank to check your balance?
Can you help me?
If you have many one-on-one interactions with customers or users then we can help you. If few people can handle the interactions, then you are probably better off doing it that way and may benefit adding tools to help your staff (sorry, not much we can do there)
Do I need to invest in hardware?
No. The service runs "on the cloud". Your customers access it directly from the internet.
How much does it cost?
We charge a relatively low setup cost and a monthly fee that depends on the service you need and the amount of successful interactions. We define what it means a successful interaction together, and yes it can be very basic (answering a question) or complex (ordering a SIM card).




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